03 October, 2005


Four hours of sleep is awesome. I ate six donuts today. Is anyone else sick of that "orca! orca!" ad? Nine minutes until the Daily Show.


Blogger Tits McGee said...


You have a lovely daughter, Mrs. McDonell, and I'm sure that at some point, she'll decide to let you get some sleep.

I'm watching the Daily Show RIGHT NOW!

Enjoyed your blog, and thanks for the Kitten War link. Fabulous!

03 October, 2005 20:10  
Blogger Mrs. McDonell said...

Thanks, Tits. And thank YOU for cutelittlekittens. I can't get enough cutey-pie things for my linksh!

03 October, 2005 20:28  
Blogger Holly said...

Doughnuts are always a must on those sleepy days. Brownies work too.

04 October, 2005 08:18  

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