02 February, 2006

one of lieber's legions

Madison's "very own" Russ Lieber was a guest on the Colbert Report Wednesday night. I started this post right away but the video wasn't up yet. I think Russ was totally awesome, and he mentioned the Mifflin Co-op. Of course he couldn't say hi to me on camera!
Also, I don't know how Russ Lieber is ever going to show his face on the radio again after the way Stephen whitewashed him during their live debate. Whitewashed him like a big old fence, which then subsequently had several nails driven into it! And following that, the fence was hung out to dry so the whitewash wouldn't get on people's hands when they touched it -- Stephen's as courteous as he is merciless!
As if Stephen's head could get any bigger, I think this blogger is a little rough on Russ, though. I mean, COME ON! We all know it's really just Stephen's interns who maintain that blog, GIVE ME A BREAK--Russ' show on WORT is the best thing going!!! He speaks truth to power and don't you forget it. He also has a really good kale puff recipe.


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