28 March, 2006

embracing the automobile

I was doing a little online toy shopping and came across the "expressway play set". This would go well with the "city council meeting where the residents ask not to have an expressway built through their neighborhood" play set.


Blogger MichaelBasford said...

Someone should write a "Zoning Kodes for Kids" book for parents to read to children at bedtime. I can see a passage now...

"The is Abby the A1-Zoned plat. She's very, very big - but also very useful. Abby's been this way for a loooonnnggg time. But one day, Ricky the Redevelopment Plan decided that Abby was too big and needed an operation. So she went in to be worked on my Ricky and his friends Tommy the Town Chairman and Larry the Lobbyist. When they were done, Abby was no more - but in here place were a lot of smaller creatures. One was named Randy the Residential-Zoned plat and all his friends Ralph, Roxanne, Rex, Rhea, Ronnie..."

If they can write an "The O'Reilly Factor for Kids" they an do this.

31 March, 2006 09:29  

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