22 June, 2006


I guess titling a post "update" is kind of like calling a blog "blog" but whatever. As my mom would say, "to hell with ya then, get your own blog." (Well, she wouldn't actually refer to a blog, because I'm not entirely sure she knows what a blog is; however, that is pretty much how she would respond to a similar critique.) A-NY-WAY, I've been very busy trying to get ready for VACATION, so it's been a while since I rapped atcha. I just wanted to tell everyone that for the next week I will be in Maine doing my best to keep the lobster men in shiny new traps and bigger boats. "Lobster men" meaning people who get lobster out of the ocean so I can eat it, not necessarily this guy or this guy, and not necessarily men. Mmmmmmmm crustaceans. So, Internet, I will miss you. Lastly, people, if you get bored, check out all the other great blogs and diversions off to the right, over there, over yonder.


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