06 July, 2006


Oooaaaaaauuuuuugghhhoooh my eyes. I have just spent several hours catching up on quality time with the Internet, doing lady stuff, while baby sleeps and Mr. McDonell is off doing man stuff, which probably involves gambling and/or meat. We returned from vacation last weekend and I am avoiding dealing with the photos. Work was bizzy this week and I thought about my favorite patriots on July 4 (statue type: Thomas Paine; running mates '08: Russ and Tammy). I looked through my old photo albums of that family vacation in third grade to Washington D.C. where I met the Constitution and took that picture with my fingers like little bunny ears behind its head. Good times...oh, Connie, where have you gone? Are you in the witness protection program now? A little late: my new favorite commercial is adidas' jose +10 part 1 and part 2. Soccer is totally hot. Nice music. I visited all my friends in the Internet tonight, but I still owe you all some comments.


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