18 November, 2005

free (illustration friday) - subtitle: mission accomplished

I feel like this one is a bit lazy...just some more easy photoshop, not a real illustration...but the first thought that popped in to my head when I saw "free" was freeDOM. The kind we haven't seen in a while and the kind you can only get with an ice floe and a swift current handy.


Blogger Holly said...

Oh my goodness-this is a really imaginative take on the theme. Looks like the ice flow is melting. They both better start paddling (in more ways than one). Well done.

21 November, 2005 05:10  
Blogger creative kismet said...

Excellent idea. You really hit the mark!

21 November, 2005 07:00  
Blogger [ Moseonetwenty ] said...

Real cool post

It seems bush is free to do whatever he chooses don't you think?

22 November, 2005 00:24  
Blogger Urban Convert said...

This is SO funny!

22 November, 2005 05:06  
Blogger Mrs. McDonell said...

darren: good point! you are right, that's another great "free" angle too - he takes absolutely no personal responsibility whatsoever does he?

22 November, 2005 08:38  
Blogger cosmos said...

Hey! This is a great concept. Who ever heard of a bush on an iceberg.

23 November, 2005 08:08  
Blogger hibiscusfire said...

i'm torn whether to cheer for global warming here or not!

(so, is the titanic supposed to be the united states???...hope not)

oh, the metaphors are endless...

nice job!

29 November, 2005 22:59  

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