08 November, 2005

one year from today

On Tuesday November 7, 2006, Wisconsin will vote on a state constitutional amendment to ban something that does not exist. Why? I guess we have nothing better to do? Actually, it does more than just ban marriages that are not recognized by our state anyway. It also bans pretty much any kind of legal civil union. Damn that's a lot.

So (Sconnies) please remember to vote no on the amendment to ban gay marriage and civil unions.

We should also ban people who don't use their turn signals and then make a really slow right turn without getting over to the side at all. Because they really diminish my quality of life AND if we allow people to call that DRIVING, then what's next? Driving with box turtles?!?!


Blogger Tits McGee said...

Right on, sister. Crazy, crazy times we're living in.

09 November, 2005 20:08  

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