30 August, 2005

you know what i love? these things:

Ultra thin, opaque film is dry and clean. It will not leave shadows on copies. Disposable dispenser has a convenient side applicator with an innovative grip. The refillable correction tape dispenser has a unique retractable tip with opaque white tapes. Refills are sold separately.

22 August, 2005


I think this picture is about a month old, but newer pictures are still "in the camera".

another tribute to paul harvey by erin

I've just eaten the best gouda in the world! Lucy from Boise ID writes. I've eaten the best gouda ever and I'm grossly overweight. Tumcaps, the first and last name in appetite suppressants.

Gouda. Sounds good.

Sounds good... Kind of like when Angel sings to me in the morning. With the voice of a raven cawing for her mate as the summer sun rises. Do you know what else is going to rise up? The new tin building from Shonco. Many uses with little to no construction costs. Shonco. The name in tin buildings.

mammatus clouds

18 August, 2005

tribute to paul harvey by erin

30,000 slaughtered in Pennsylvania airport. Onlookers stayed quiet while enjoying the sweet sounds of the bose acoustic wave machine. Have you tried bose? Bose. Bose acoustic wave machine available everywhere.

03 August, 2005

mr. and mrs. mcdonell

first post

Well, here it is - the first post. This is a picture of Eleanor.