27 April, 2006

robot (illustration friday)

Last Friday's theme was "robot" and it seems like robots have been everywhere this week (including here). This is from an old toy.

26 April, 2006

miss pronouncer

Finally! An audio guide to the world of Wisconsin pronunciation.

25 April, 2006

serfs up dude

Last year before Eleanor was born, I took a belly dancing class with my sister Erin and our friend Juscha. It was pretty fun and relaxing. Then Eleanor was born and I never took any more classes because, you know, no time, bla bla bla. But Juscha continued taking classes and she informs me that her class is going to be performing at the upcoming renaissance faire in nearby Cambridge. So Erin and I are going to go see the performance and check out the faire, being careful not to call it a FAIR, because a FAIR has carnies, but a FAIRE has both jousters and jesters. (Here is the stated weapons policy for this event: Firearms not permitted. Blades must be kept sheathed and peace-tied. Other weapons must be sheathed and peace-tied. Erin was a little disappointed at the amount of peace-tying required, but SAFETY FIRST.) I've never been to one of these things before, and in spite of the fact that I've never really understood the desire to re-enact historical events in this manner, it should be pretty entertaining.

20 April, 2006


Current favorite commercial: sony cybershot with the muse playing the casio beats.

Currently really hate: the m&m's and chocolate bar having sex on a blanket in a car. Ew.

UPDATE: I wish Tom Cruise's cone of silence was permanent.

meet scotti

Remember Pulpo?
Well, he has a pal arriving soon. Meet Scotti.
I guess I am a sucker for the little removable caps.
(Thanks again, MP!)

18 April, 2006


Look at these cool robots via
Loobylu's del.icio.us links.

17 April, 2006

farm hustle

Cute Overload delivers on the promise of unbelievably cute things from all over the internets. Prepare for multiple head explosions. Please enjoy Farm Hustle from Avocadolite.

14 April, 2006

i am the biggest nerd

I have been sitting here surfing and watching tv, about to go to bed, when the history channel informs me a documentary about the McKinley assassination is about to begin and I think to myself, "oooooh, Sarah Vowell is in this one, cool." (If you are a nerd too, um, you won't need to follow those links...but I bet you will anyway.)

spotted (illustration friday)

Yes, I know a ladybug is not really that clever. But it's cute. If you want to see the absolute cutest entry for this Illustration Friday, go here.

new russ feingold jersey

Check out the new shirts I designed for my cafepress shop. Totally county fair style. You can get a discount if you trade in that def leppard mirror.

06 April, 2006

warm fuzzies

If you hate GW as much as I do, you will love this filmstrip. You really need the sound to get the full effect. It's not really safe for work (depending upon where you work), but it's just profanity not obscenity. And if you love GW, well, fuck you.

04 April, 2006

bring the troops home