27 May, 2006

confirming what we already knew

Top 25 worst tech products of all time, according to PCWorld; no surprise: AOL is #1. This is a fun list to read.

26 May, 2006

a million lights are dancing and there you are, a shooting star

Highlights: at about 0:46 the breakdancing mimes appear, and check out the 15 solid seconds of the tightrope act about one minute later.

UPDATE: Go here for the fabulous Xanadu video. It seemed that the embedded video was causing some problems with my page.

25 May, 2006

tux paint

Tux Paint is like a kids' version of photoshop or illustrator. And it's free! Pictured is an illustration by six-year-old Chrisa from Greece. G, you and Max need this. (Thanks, Kiddley!)

24 May, 2006

happy anniversary

Three years ago! (We're both a bit, uh, fatter now.)

16 May, 2006

it's not michael bolton, that's for sure

All this reminiscing about '80's-'90's music--and my new addiction to YouTube--reminds me of this highlight of college-era TV memories: The Flaming Lips on 90210. How much do you love Steve Sanders doing the soulful nod?

what is the craziest song ever stuck in your head?

Last Friday (my birthday, people) I was driving the car somewhere, and therefore listening to the local "we play everything" radio station -- no lie, their catchphrase is "Charlie FM, we play everything". I've never heard Thin White Rope on this station so I disagree with their assertion, BUT you can hear Willie Nelson followed by Twisted Sister followed by New Order followed by Supertramp followed by THIS SONG, which cannot be scrubbed from my brain, no matter how many times I hear the ABC song or Elmo's theme, or some melodramatic classical music on public radio, or an old Thin White Rope cd.


Loobylu has just launched a
second blog chock full of cute-ness and kid-ness.

If you ever thought Loobylu couldn't get more awesome, you were wrong:

15 May, 2006

a belated happy mothers day

Mr. T said it best: Treat your mother right.

(Once again, thanks Tits McGee, you are the best source of Mr. T related links on the internet!)

11 May, 2006

hate memes yet?


You know you secretly love it. Boys and girls alike. It's like all those chain letters and folded paper fortune tellers. Even the so-called "mega bloggers" did it. Sure, they were all cool about it, like, "oooh this is so dorky, but you know, I got tagged by kottke, so what can I do..." So, I was just reading someone else's old 4 things post and thought, "we need a 4 things about 5 senses meme". Consider yourself tagged. (Disclaimer: if someone else already started this meme, super. Sorry, not trying to plagiarize--The Internet is a big place.)

Four things I saw today:
-wet bits of tree on the windshield
-a flipchart
-that awesome Philips Norelco shaver website
-nothing good. (What do you mean nothing good? We've seen everything good. We've seen the whole city! We went to a museum, we saw priceless works of art! We ate pancreas!)

Four smells I smelled today:
-baby barf
-cherry blossoms
-rainy pavement

Four things I ate today:
-cheerio (yes, just one)
-sandwich (I heart sandwiches)
-more coffee

Four things I heard today:
-car horn
-a talking jackass
-"mama" [ :) ]
-squeaky rainy shoes on the kitchen floor

Four things I touched today:
-the computer (duh.)
-my hair
-the hearts and minds of millions


Check THIS out.

o bloggie how i have forsaken thee

Hi marshmallow peeps, it's been another busy week: Eleanor had a small birthday party (pictures on flickr soon I hope), therefore some family guests, and too many things to do at work = I guess I blew my creative wad on redesigning the blog with nothing left and not much time to actually post anything all week.

04 May, 2006

i summered it up

You may want to shift+refresh or ctrl+r to reload the page if needed, since I did a little spring cleaning around the old blog.

happy birthday miss eleanor

pulpo and scotti meet some peeps

03 May, 2006

p.s. more robots

Here is another "industrial" robot (thanks newscoma, via tits mcgee).

Blogger dashboard "next blog" took me here, which could take you here. I never click that and for some reason I did, and lo and behold, more robots.

If I go to that renaissance faire and they have some kind of dragon robot or something I will be pretty freaked out.


My two favorite words from last night's Daily Show:

"fooder" as in "I only eat food made by my fooder"; and

"uptrodden" as in those people who want to play golf at that rich people golf place.