22 December, 2005

you mean i have to keep updating this thing?!

Oops, sorry, I thought I had checked the "auto-pilot" box. I've been on hold here and the music is early 80's pop. Every 30 seconds or so a female voice comes over the horn and says in a confident and friendly manner, "your estimated wait time is one minute."

08 December, 2005


Colbert Reporrrr. "Don't change that dial. And if your television still has a dial, then get a new television."

buying more stuff

I just lost about 38 hours of my life on etsy. This is a great place to buy things for people if you need to, as often happens during the month of December.

02 December, 2005

buying stuff

I saw this on hibiscusfire and it looks good to me. Buy your stuff for people this winter through websites like this one. More info here.

small and blue (illustration friday)

This started as "blue" and then I realized it also fits last week's theme, "small", as well. These are blue bird eggs which are tiny, about 1-2 centimeters. When I was little, it was such a big deal to find eggs like these.