30 November, 2005

banner number two

two rules

I have learned two rules from the internet experiences of others:
1. Don't post about work. Ever.
2. Don't post about your family unless it's something you would say to their faces.

So, suffice it to say, I had an EXTREMELY enjoyable Thanksgiving with [beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep...]

22 November, 2005


Ahhhh Festivus time. The feats of strength. The airing of grievances.

From the dashboard, a Blogger Blog of Note: The Festivus Pole. This blog is thoroughly enjoyable with links to all things Festivus. But...[mock outrage] it's also a vehicle for selling aluminum Festivus poles. Is Festivus becoming too commercial?!?! Are we going to have to come up with an alternative to Festivus now?

20 November, 2005

move over butter

My new favorite show right this minute is Comedians of Comedy. I wish I had tivo so I could tivo it and watch it 38 times. Right now is the Cracker Barrel episode, "and we really mean CRACKER".

18 November, 2005

free (illustration friday) - subtitle: mission accomplished

I feel like this one is a bit lazy...just some more easy photoshop, not a real illustration...but the first thought that popped in to my head when I saw "free" was freeDOM. The kind we haven't seen in a while and the kind you can only get with an ice floe and a swift current handy.

if we were cartoons

Thanks to tektek.org and ohsewpretty where I found the link.

17 November, 2005

welcome pulpo

Our new pal Pulpo arrived on Monday and he has been settling in. So far he has enjoyed playing hide and seek with Eleanor and busting a few rhymes. He was born in Brooklyn and we hope he likes living here so far. Hopefully this weekend we can show Pulpo around Madison. Lots of New Yorkers come here for school and never want to leave, including a previous mayor!

15 November, 2005

strength (illustration friday)

Well Basford beat me to it, but yes I would also like to report that Joe is back from the middle east...to my one reader (hi Erin) that wouldn't have already read this on Mike's blog. In that photo (follow the link) Joe is holding a much smaller Eleanor, the summer Eleanor who doesn't have two teeth already, not the big autumn Eleanor who knows how to hug. So in honor of Joe, I am submitting this photoshop-filterrific portrait of Joe as my Illustration Friday entry for "strength". It takes a lot of strength to wear a mustache like that.

14 November, 2005

to do list

Do you ever start jotting down a perfectly reasonable to do list and then it suddenly blossoms to ridiculous proportions like a time lapse video of a flower?

-pick up shirts from cleaner
-internet banking
-make sure rent is paid
-blog updates
-deal with huge pile of paper
-deal with huge pile of clothes
-rearrange kitchen
-clean out basement
-clean out all closets
-repaint car
-rebuild garage
-have another kid

09 November, 2005

from david rees

So, in the unlikely event that any of you who stumble upon this blog are in NYC today, here is an announcement from David Rees, the creator of Get Your War On and many other fine comics.
"Please join me for a celebration of the life of THOMAS PAINE, one of America's baddest founding fathers!

THOMAS PAINE was basically the source for every kick-ass quote you half-remember from history class. He died in 1809, but the more I read about him (thank you, Wikipedia) the more I wish he was alive RIGHT NOW, hosting a cable talk show and destroying assholes left and right.

Anyway, tonight I'm going to learn a hundred facts about Thomas Paine, and then tomorrow night I'm gonna present my comics (ho-hum, what else is new) and then "drop some science" about Paine. (I'm gonna unleash a "Painedemic," if you will.)

THOMAS PAINE Celebration
Wednesday, November 9
7:00 PM
Housing Works Bookstore and Cafe
126 Crosby Street, NYC
(212) 334-3324

Thanks for your interest,
David Rees"

08 November, 2005

one year from today

On Tuesday November 7, 2006, Wisconsin will vote on a state constitutional amendment to ban something that does not exist. Why? I guess we have nothing better to do? Actually, it does more than just ban marriages that are not recognized by our state anyway. It also bans pretty much any kind of legal civil union. Damn that's a lot.

So (Sconnies) please remember to vote no on the amendment to ban gay marriage and civil unions.

We should also ban people who don't use their turn signals and then make a really slow right turn without getting over to the side at all. Because they really diminish my quality of life AND if we allow people to call that DRIVING, then what's next? Driving with box turtles?!?!

04 November, 2005

little miss perfect

Today Eleanor is six months old exactly. And as six-month-olds do, she had a check-up today. She has exactly doubled her birth weight, and is exactly the 50th percentile in weight, length and head circumference (why do we stop measuring head circumference? that would make a nice keepsake growth chart - like tree rings - oh my god does this hat make my head look fat?). Her first tooth nubbin poked through today. I'm pretty grateful that she is so perfectly average.

03 November, 2005


I just figured out why I have been enjoying this blog thing. (Because believe me, I am no writer--just keep reading this blog.) Reading them, and now having one. It's like tv without the screaming, like watching tv with the mute button pressed, except I can tell what's going on. (edit: sometimes. what?)

02 November, 2005

broken (illustration friday)

I'm not sure if I like this one. Ho hum Barbie.