30 September, 2005

float (illustration friday)

25 September, 2005

hi phil

I see on your very good blog that you found mine! I told Joe that I started a blog and he replied "I'm surprised you're launching a blog--that seems a bit too trendy for you." I told him it was not so much a launch like with rockets and scientists, but more like a four year old girl throwing with her left hand. I'm kind of surprised myself. But I really like these internets - they are fun!

21 September, 2005

blue steel

15 September, 2005

why aren't saxophones cool anymore?

...like in Men At Work songs. Or like Rob Lowe as Billy in St. Elmo's Fire. That guy was cool. Not just because of the headband, but also the saxophone.

14 September, 2005

this is my new favorite picture

13 September, 2005

names have been changed to protect the innocent

A friend of mine writes:

"As some of you know I lost my drivers license on a recent trip. It was found and mailed back to my mom's house. This is the note she sent me with my returned license. Unfortunately I don't have a scanner so you can all see it in its original hand written glory.

'[daughter's name],
Here you go-
You need to report a missing license right away - I've seen it on law and order all the time. If a crime is committed and someone has your license, they will arrest you.
P.S. My monthly lecture.' "